10 Things We’re Celebrating in 2015

2015 has been an amazing year filled with celebratory moments.

As we sat down and reflected on the lessons learnt, the love/work birthed, and the deep deep recognitions we connected with, we found a momentum driving us from one moment to the next:

The truth of who we are becoming.

It drove us to look beyond ourselves into the endless possibilities of creation, beyond the mould of what society makes of us and expects us to be. It drove us to look within ourselves and be curious of what we stand for. In that, we stepped into our fullness and began owning what we live for.

Here are some milestones, shared with you in humble gratitude:

1. We helped a resilient, open-hearted fellow artist produce her promo reel. She’s hearing impaired. She wrote and performed her healing journey in a play. Her community saw it. Now, we’re pretty sure the world is going to. Go Kimberly!

2. We were commissioned by a city to build a mural, made up of photos of people’s hands, with their dreams written on it. From evoking motivation and hope in homeless youth in the city’s late night program, to reminding and re-inspiring drive in their city council members, the finished mural hit a spot deep in our hearts – about what is possible when an entire city works together to embrace diversity.

3. We walked into a tripartite town divided by 3 borders – Federal, Mexican, and Native American. The lines on the land mirrored the scars in the hearts and souls of her people. A local organization had organized a Community Arts Gathering and invited us to perform and create our art. They had wanted to bridge diversity with art. What we experienced – was a group of ordinary people coming together with a common intention – bigger than themselves and their differences – thus, creating an extraordinary outcome that was nothing short of a miracle. And we our best in our work to mirror this healing initiative back to the people, because healing – true, deep, compassionate healing – is about bearing witness, not “fixing”.

4. We connected with the Grand Canyon and listened to her whisper wisdom into our ears. In her presence, the Universe was whole and one. And with these blessings, we launched our Youtube Channel by gathering a group of dreamers and dream-makers and had an intimate sharing of what matters most to each of us.

5. We told stories of triumphs over challenges, lessons learnt from falling, and dreams coming true to children, adults, seniors, immigrants, refugees – communities – alongside fellow performing artists in schools in Tukwila and Redmond. We witnessed families acknowledging each other’s dreams and mere neighbors bridging into a communities as everybody bonded over a universal theme – Dreams.

6. We premiered our 5-part documentary series, “A Taste Of Home” at the renowned Wing Luke Museum and sold out within the first 48 hours of publishing the website. (We hadn’t even put up the posters in town yet!) On the day itself, people from all walks of life, various enclaves of the city and her communities came together… and in an experience guided by their palette and guts, stories and hearts… defined what home truly means.

7. We found out that we were the 2016 CityArtists of Seattle, were awarded the 4Culture Group Art Project Award, and received nominations for the James W. Ray Venture award. Art Achievements – UNLOCKED!

8. We partnered with a team of genius visual storytellers to co-create a visual meditation book. With art-direction by Victoria Victor, hair + makeup + styling by Juel Bergholm, and photography by Sarah Anne Carson (were we ever so lucky to assemble this genius team!!!) – we’ve created something that still moves us deeply, each time we look at the photos. Sneak peek to the book in the photo below ↓

9. We worked with a community organization to share their legacy story. The organization has been taking care of Seattle’s Chinatown International District for the last 40 years – most of its work isn’t really visible, and easily forgotten or taken for granted. We created a celebration video that marked the homecoming of this organization to the family members whose home it had been stewarding.

10. We came out of our #SpiritualCloset, soft launched our business spiritual mentorship program, and worked with some of the most amazing soulpreneurs doing amazing work in the world! This journey has been humbling, powerful, deep, and ongoing… It felt like everything that has ever happened in both our lives culminated to this very moment, where we can support the rise of some of humanity’s greatest gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you… More, please :)

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” — Oprah Winfrey.

Now let us celebrate with you!

What were you proud of?
What made you smile – inside out?
What felt light and bright in your life?

Leave us a comment below and share one, or two, or many of your celebratory moments in 2015.

Tay N Val Visual Meditation Book

Photo Credit: SarahAnne Photography

Wishing you a 2016 filled with even more celebrations,


P.S. If you know someone who could use a little heartfelt celebration cheer to shine light on his/her own achievements – a friend, colleague, or client, please pass this along. Good people don’t let good people celebrate alone.

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  1. Jen nifer Smith

    My daughter and I are getting along for the first time in years and she tells me she appreciates me! For the first time that I can remember, she wanted to take me out for a mother-daughter day for my birthday.

    I jumped into being observed by the teacher/trainers in a Hakomi weekend. I now feel that it is possible for me to become certified as a Hakomi therapist! (I had not thought this possible until a few months ago and have been studying Hakomi off and on since 2012–actually was first introduced to it in 2007 when I had decided it was too difficult for me to learn!)

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