Outsourcing to Mother Nature

Liquid Memory

As a fellow soulful and ambitious dream builder (who is also likely highly sensitive; because like attracts like) –

What is your number 1 challenge when it comes to stepping forth from where you’re at, to where you’ve been called to be?

Such as stepping forth into… increasing your visibility and sharing your message at a greater and deeper level; gathering, nurturing, and elevating your #soultribe; owning and amplifying the legacy (impact) you’re here to make etc..

For us, it was the ability to hold space for a bigger, more diverse group of clients; supporting them to dive even deeper and rise even higher as they work with us.

We know this challenge well, having faced it when we started bringing our #DreamsUnlimited storytelling events to communities who’ve been traditionally undermined and underserved, communities who’ve been hurting for a long long time.

Think of these storytelling events as mass healing ceremonies –

where we use guided meditations to deep dive into their desires and dreams;
where we use performance art to peel back layers of resistance and breakthrough limitations;
where we use stories and permission to inspire possibilities…

and underneath it all, where the act of bearing witness holds space for profound healing.

When we first began storytelling on our rtw bike journey, Val would often get a pounding migraine minutes before we’re due to get up on stage. By the time we’re done, both of us would feel immensely depleted; and we’d need to recluse in solitude for a few days before we could continue on our journey.

Later on in our journey, the spiritual mentors we’d met would gift us tools – sacred totems, plant medicine, energy practices that we’d use during our storytelling sessions because “you must continue your work” they say.

Mayan Calendar Daykeeper

A recluse Mayan Calendar Daykeeper initiating us into the land of the Americas, asking that each step of our way be blessed and protected with the energies of the land and her people’s ancestors.

Sometimes, the Universe would send us help – in the form of a midwife, a pair of special-needs siblings, or even a chef seated within the group to hold space for us.

Each time we’ve had support, we were able to open up even more, to share with even more vulnerability and compassion… and similarly, the audience was able to open up a little more, to receive, process, and integrate the work.

Storytelling event at Ajo

Stoytelling event at Ajo, town healing from its tripartite history. We brought a pair of apprentices to hold space for us at the event.

So when time came for us to answer our call to rise in our work as spiritual consultants and soul mentors – to make our work more available and accessible to even more diverse groups of people who resonate with our work – we had to ask ourselves:

How can we better support our incoming influx of clients to dive even deeper, process faster, and then rise higher with greater ease, grace, and momentum?

Because when we deep dive and shed layers of what is holding us back in life and in business, emotions show up. Especially those emotions we have not allowed ourselves to feel, especially those emotions we’ve buried and suppressed for a long time because we needed to keep our chins up and keep hustlin’. When these emotions surface, it can be quite the roller-coaster ride.

At the same time, our clients are 21st century business builders, multipassionate creatives, driven visionaries who’d rather take inspired action to move forward…

Than engage in the roller-coaster of emotions and drama when old stories come up for clearing to make space for new ones to be written.

You with us?

We learnt this when we taught a full-day immersive and intensive “Heal Your Heart” urban retreat.

After a series of private integration calls with the attendees, we noticed many of them had difficulty sustaining the release and expansion they’d experienced at the retreat; especially as their work with us continued to deepen and unfold.

Of course it hurts when buds bloom

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

We remember sitting on our couch asking each other:

What would be one thing we can include in our offerings to help our clients integrate this peeling away of layers so that it can be less of a let’s lay low until it’s over and more of a let’s ease into embodying who I’m becoming?

So began our search as we went through and checked off each item we’ve been gifted and taught throughout our lives. Bath salts, smudges, crystals, reiki sessions, massage vouchers, etc..

No, no, and nope. Nothing felt right.

Until one afternoon, whilst cleaning out the diffuser we had in our office, Val stopped midway and exclaimed, “What about essential oils?”

You know that moment when you realized that the thing you’ve been looking for was hiding in plain sight all along?

(Yea, we had that moment.)

You see, we’ve been using essential oils, even before we embarked on our rtw bike journey, and they’ve been a great help to us in our daily lives throughout. Val’s grandmother and the grandmothers before her have been channeling and using plant medicine in their work – in other words, this wisdom is in her bones.

And because we’ve taken great care to uplevel all the sensory experiences at our retreats and VIP immersions – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell – we know tapping into their smell-memory would work perfect in this case!

Liquid Memory

“When we give perfume to someone, we give them liquid memory.” – Diane Ackerman

The sense of smell is extremely powerful because it brings back our strongest memories associated with a particular smell and it triggers an emotional response, before our brain has the chance to edit them.

For example, over the July 4th weekend, everywhere smelled of charcoal BBQ. The smell immediately triggered memories of us gathering around a firepit with our High School friends by the beach. It elicited in us, the feelings of connectedness, joy and happiness.

It didn’t matter that we were actually sitting in front of our work desk typing this email; and not actually having a BBQ. The smells coming in through the windows just make us happy.

Bingo. It felt so right and so aligned.

The Plan: We would diffuse a specific essential oil blend during our retreat, and then gift each participant a spritz bottle of the same oils. When they use the spritz bottle during their integration period after the retreat, the scent will help them remember the safe, expansive and wholesome energy that enveloped and supported them during the retreat. #awesomesauce

Bottles of #Soultruth

Made with love. Our in-house Speak Your #Soultruth essential oils blend in spritz bottles gifted to each attendee.

After all, who better to outsource the replication of energy and sacred space to than Mother Nature herself? ;)

The only thing left for us to search, was a brand and/or a blend that we could absolutely trust and confidently use.

Not only do we want the oils we use to smell good, we also wanted to make sure that the oils are of a high vibrational frequency and had kept its integrity from seed to bottle.

Here’s how you know you’re on the right path:

How you know

THAT, is how you know.

A spiritual leader (and very successful business woman – think 8 figures and 5 businesses) we’ve been following and admiring for a while now posted an open call for a mentorship scholarship.

Long story short, we applied and got accepted. She took us under her wings and the first thing she shared with us was her work with the vibrational medicine of essential oils to us.

Yep. Soak in this #momentofsynchronizedserendipity with us.

Heeding the recommendation of our mentor, we decided to invest in dōTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy™ Diffused Kit. We’ve long heard of its meticulous process of curating, growing, harvesting and distilling the oils from the plants.

We’re sure you can relate to this. When someone had taken great care and infused the best intentions into the food they prepared for you, you can literally taste the love and the care in that plate of yummy nourishing goodness, yes?

When Val first opened the bottle of Console in the kit, she said: “This is so pure. It’s like I’m holding a bottle of life-force in my hands.”

We then spent the next 8 weeks using the kit according to a protocol our mentor shared with us – not only for personal energy alignment, but also to amp up the vibe of our businesses.

This is what we know –

When high frequency energies are present, lower frequency energies shift to match the higher frequencies.

Likewise with emotions.

And during our “Speak Your #Soultruth” retreat, we set up our kit with a specific blend to work with us as energy support.

Arriving an hour before the retreat was due to start, we started wiping the place down with a cleaning spray with essential oils, as well as diffused the #Soultruth blend in the diffuser.

Being extremely sensitive to energies, we could feel the difference almost immediately. The denser energies in the room started to lift. And as the facilitators, we felt extremely supported.

In this instance, support came a sense of ease, calmness and play. You could imagine how ease, calm and joy rippled out to the participants as they deep dive into the work.

Tay remembered thinking to herself halfway through the retreat: “Gosh… My level of joy in holding these retreats just went up 100%. Why did we not start doing this earlier?”

A retreat attendee wrote us after to retreat to share with us:

high vibe space

Remember we asked you at the beginning of this email about your #1 challenge when it comes to upleveling your work?

Here’s what we learnt over the last two months working with the essential oils integrated into our daily support system:

[bctt tweet=”You don’t have to do all the work by yourself. #outsourcetomothernature” username=”taynval”]

The journey to deep-diving, up-leveling, and self-mastery can be one filled with ease, joy and flow when we intentionally create a high-vibe environment that can fully support this growth.

We’ve tried and tested it ourselves. And we’d love to show you how, for free.

Business Energy Alchemy e-course

Many of our clients had described our true genius as taking ancient, time-tested wisdom and tools, and making them understandable and applicable in today’s times and economy.

We’d love to share this work first, with a select group of insiders (that’s you!), for free. Your investment is only in commitment (time + energy) and program materials (the essential oils kit) you’ll be using to implement the teachings.

If you’re feeling nudged to answer this call, or more importantly, your personal call to rise and thrive, click here to register and receive instructions for enrollment.

We’d love to see you on the inside!


Much love and grace,
Tay & Val


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