Our near-death experience in Mexico

Our near death experience in Mexico

When we were traveling through Latin America on our round-the-world cycling journey, each time we crossed borders into the next country, people would warn about the dangers that laid ahead. In a media interview we had in El Salvador (where the security guards of condominiums carry M16s), a journalist asked, “You’re in a dangerous continent. Are you not afraid?” The truth is we were afraid. Very much so. Two tiny little foldable bicycles sharing the roads with monstrous trucks, two women on their own traveling through a continent raging all sorts of vices, two cameras, two laptops, toooooo many shiny objects strapped … Read More

Not all mirrors (or mothers) are evil

Best Qualities of Tay and Val

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out an email asking you to be our mirrors, and share the 3 Best Qualities you see in us. Like we shared, this was one of the most terrifying things we’ve done in a while. When Marie Forleo gave us this assignment in BSchool, she told us that this was going to be one of the most empowering exercises we’re gonna do. And she was right. These are the responses that you’ve submitted to us: Thank you. We are deeply humbled, and extremely grateful. We want you to know: That whatever you see … Read More

What fills up a room in an instant?

A personal sharing from Val: I’m a Popo’s girl – I was brought up by my Grandmother. When I was little, Popo used to give me questions to ponder about. One night, Popo asked, “Ah Girl, what fills up a room in an instant?” I thought really hard, not wanting to give the wrong answer. Finally, I said, “Air! The room is full of air. And wind travels very fast!” Popo shook her head. I frowned, even more determined to get it right. “I know! It’s a smelly fart! You always know immediately when someone makes a smelly fart bomb. … Read More

Would you be our mirror?

Would you be our mirror?

Mirror Mirror on the wall – What are the 3 Best Qualities of us all? For the last six weeks, we have been taking Marie Forleo’s BSchool to grow ourselves, our work, and the impact we’re here to make. One of our assignments was to collect 3 Best Qualities of ourselves from 25 people. This was one of the most terrifying pieces of assignments we’ve had to do. Think about this: When was the last time you looked in the mirror and didn’t find something to pick on? An offending nose-hair, a stray eyebrow strand, and those tired, tired eyes… … Read More

Do you remember Tay and Val…

Tay and Val at Grand Canyon - 5th Anniversary Reflections

Hey there! How have you been since we last met? Was it at your home? A sharing session? Did we collect your dream from you on the streets? Wherever we met, we want you to know that ever so often, we think of you. Yes, all 4,145 of you on Facebook, 378 on Twitter, and 175 on Instagram. For a while we were agonized over those numbers – how it feels like no matter how much or how hard we worked, or even the impact of our work – the numbers don’t seem to reflect that! Some of you know … Read More