Have you been wondering…

  • I’m growing and upleveling my personal leadership and business skills, but my business doesn’t seem to be catching up to my growth. What am I missing?

  • I know who my ideal clients are, and I’ve got my marketing chops in place to roll ’em in. Why am I still not manifesting them as as swiftly as I’d like to?

  • I’m ready to raise the prices of my offerings. How can I do so from a space of confidence and love vs doubt and fear?

  • I’ve been doing this for a while now. And while things are going… I feel a disconnection between me and my business. How do I reconnect with my mojo and get reinspired?

We hear you. As these murmurs get closer and closer in succession… what you’re feeling is a sense of urgency – your soul nudging you – “It’s time. You’re ready.”

We see you. You’re a self-driven, highly-motivated business owner who knows what you want, and how to get it. After all, you’re a proud member of the #FigureItOut #GetStuffDone #MakeItHappen CEO club. (If only you knew exactly what it is that you’re figuring out over here.)

We can help. We’re Tay & Val, and we’re the spiritual consultants that executive coaches of Fortune 500s and founders of multi-million-dollar companies trust to provide soulful insights and spiritual solutions for their business problems and personal challenges.

Our knack for offering you what you need, even before you know to ask for it led us to create this special and timely offering…

Soulful Insights & Spiritual Solutions

(a limited edition private consultation session)

Your Session Includes:

  • An Illumination Questionnaire that’s powerfully energized to help you get super, ultra-clear on EXACTLY what you’re challenged by currently; which allows Val to tune in for answers and download insights and solutions for you, prior to your call
  • An Opening Meditation* recording guided by Tay to help you center your energies and prepare for your session
  • 15 minutes of #onpoint insights and solutions during your 1-on-1 #SoulPowered Private Consultation with Val (on the phone via Zoom)
  • A Closing Meditation* recording guided by Tay to help you integrate your AHAs after your session
  • A thoughtfully prepared Aftercare Package with personalized integration prompts to fully receive, remember, and implement what you learned in your session

*These guided meditations are incredibly useful for you to use prior to/after client sessions, important meetings, launches, events etc.! #BONUS

For a (very) limited time: Get 90 mins worth of powerful work, valued at $3,275 — for only $99

You asked. So we listened.

Everything we create for you is done with great care, loving intention, and fueled by inspiration.

Because we know that working with us privately may not be the best way for us to serve you right now…

AND we wanted to create the opportunity for you to receive the same high level support, expertise, and insights that our VIP clients who invest $5,000 monthly receive.

Say what?!

(Yep, you heard right.)

We can offer this to you at such a ridiculously low rate because:

  • You’ve taken time to read this far — which makes you part of our tribe — which means we LOVE YOU and want you to thrive;
  • YOU are participating in the process by doing some of the prep work and after care in your own time (guided by us, of course) to maximize our time together; and
  • It’s our biz and we do what we want, so long as it inspires us! (And empowering you to help yourself through this participatory consultation session most definitely does. #hallelujah #becausewecan)

Plus, remember what we said about being intentional earlier?

In a 15 minute container, your mind kicks into no-nonsense mode because you know this ain’t no time to be foolin’ around! You show up energetically ready to kick boo-tay and take names, and we are right there with you to help you get exactly what you came for. #doneanddone

Here’s the deal.

This rockin’ offer is only available for a limited time because….well duh, it’s a no-brainer if you know you’ve been wanting personalized support and insights from us (read: take action now)…

And so we’re holding the space for you to show up for your gift from us until December 1st, 2016, or when all 99 sessions sell out – whichever is earlier:

Imagine what’s possible for you, when you work with us to…


What's next for yourself and your business?
Which decision to make?
Where to go from here?

Get crystal clear on your BEST next step

We'll do the legwork and illuminate your path of most inspiration and least resistance.



Your business plans for next year.
Your intentions, relationships, energies, sacred agreements etc.
For ease and alignment...

Fill in the missing piece to UPLEVEL your success

Let's swap the expired stories that are holding you back with aligned ones that will pull you forward.



IN your zone of #soulpowered genius.
With Certainty & Confidence!

Walk away with ACTIONABLE insights

Guaranteed to move the needle forward (possible side effects include magic & miracles)!


…your sacred success.


(why fellow soulful & ambitious business owners work with us)


Tay and Val brought to light issues I had not realized were happening and cleared the energetic blocks around one of my past ventures. Based on that, it became crystal clear that it was time to do a full-scale rebranding of my business to more accurately reflect who I am and what I do for my clients. That process is currently underway and I’m super excited to see how it unfolds. Tay and Val’s insights are absolutely invaluable. If you’re ready to move forward in a powerful and meaningful way, start working with them TODAY! — Ericka O’Cain, Founder of iGeek Training


When we seek growth, we sometimes feel stuck in what Joseph Campbell calls “Act II”. That was how I felt in seeking to expand myself and my business. Tay & Val listened, intuited, and provided me with a safe supportive space that allowed me to face what I’d been blindsided to, and then to start the process of overcoming them. Our session gave me the courage to pitch Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post for the first time. And very quickly, I received positive replies. That was just the beginning. I’m staying tuned for more and am infinitely grateful. Big thank you, lovely ladies! — Dr. Perpetua Neo, Psychotherapist & Coach


Before working with Tay and Val I had been battling with random illnesses one after another, had very low energy & felt that my business was experiencing more blocks and obstacles than ever before. After just one session with them & their daily healing support, in just a few days I got my energy and health back and things started to flow so beautifully that we immediately turned that month into our most profitable month to date. — Joana Galvao, CEO at GIF Design Studios

How It Works

Upon booking your session, you’ll be directed to our calendar to schedule your session. Your booking is good through December 31st 2016.

(Great way get the insights you need to get 2017 off to a great start!)

After you’ve scheduled your session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a pre-session Illumination Questionnaire.

Your work with Val begins at a soul-level the moment you book your session – she’ll be tuning into your answers from the questionnaire the day before your call with her.

24 hours before your session, you will receive your Opening Meditation to listen to as Tay guides you in preparing for the call.

Right after your session, you will receive your Closing Meditation and Aftercare Package to help you integrate your session.

In other words, you’ll be well-taken care of – from start to finish.

Questions? Click on the CHAT WITH US box at the bottom right hand corner of this page. Or reach out to us at support@taynval.com. We’re here for you.

Come with your burning question.
Receive soulful insights.
Leave with spiritual solutions.


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