Our near-death experience in Mexico

Our near death experience in Mexico

When we were traveling through Latin America on our round-the-world cycling journey, each time we crossed borders into the next country, people would warn about the dangers that laid ahead.

In a media interview we had in El Salvador (where the security guards of condominiums carry M16s), a journalist asked, “You’re in a dangerous continent. Are you not afraid?”

The truth is we were afraid. Very much so.

Two tiny little foldable bicycles sharing the roads with monstrous trucks, two women on their own traveling through a continent raging all sorts of vices, two cameras, two laptops, toooooo many shiny objects strapped on our backs as we cycle through the continent…

Of course we were afraid! In fact, the fear of something nasty happening to us – of being robbed and mobbed and everything else in between – was very, very real to us.

But a near-death experience in Mexico changed the way we perceived fear.

Click play to watch what happened to us:

How many of you have fears in your lives? How many of you are limited by fears when you think about chasing your dreams?

What is your deepest and greatest fear – Is it death? Or is it not living…?

Take a moment to think about the fears that you feel limited by.

Leave a reply below and share them with us.

Sharing your deepest and greatest fear – in fact sharing your fears at all (!) – is not something you’d do with anyone.

But we’re not anyone. We’re Tay and Val. And you know Tay and Val; and you know us.

You know we will hold safe, sacred and loving space for you to do this. You know we don’t judge. You know we only want you to take that first step towards your own healing.

The first step is to acknowledge what are the fears in your space. So go ahead, type away.

Leave your fears behind in the comments section below.

We’ll “see” you next week!


Big {{HUGS}},

4 Comments on “Our near-death experience in Mexico”

  1. Alisa

    I have many fears:
    *that I will not find my voice to write, I stopped writing because I was afraid my writing was dull
    *that I am getting stuck in a job that consumes me and I am not living my life as I would like to
    *that I will not be able to do all the things I have in my bucket list
    *that I will not find a loving man who understands that I want to travel almost as much as I want to have a family

    1. taynval

      Dear Alisa, thank you so much for taking time to share your truth with us, and for taking that first step towards honoring your truth. We believe it’s one amazing step closer to who you are. Please do stay in touch, and let us know how your journey unfolds!

  2. Rauny

    my fear is that I will be alone
    also that I will have not experienced life fully
    I am in a ………………………….. relationship
    if I leave I maybe making a big mistake
    feel caught

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