A Different Kind of Business Coach – Selena Soo

In a nutshell:

If you are looking for a high-integrity coach with a system that works – digestible, sensible steps that makes it simple to follow-through (and hence quickly gain momentum); a community who holds you accountable to the best version of yourself; and useful, precise, and relevant best practices that cuts through the clutter and noise about establishing yourself and your business as the go-to experts for what you offer – GKGC is for you. We made back the investment within 4 months (from an entirely new business); and established meaningful, heart-centered connections we know will last us a lifetime!

Back in May last year, Val told Tay that “There’s an important webinar I want us to be fully present for.” Tay nodded and proceeded to bring out the ironing board and began ironing clothes.

(The inner dialogue: If i’m going to listen to some sales-y business webinar, let me get some housework out of the way while I’m at it.)

The webinar commenced and I heard Selena Soo’s voice over the computer. First impression: she was down-to-earth, upfront about actual numbers that went into building her business and candid about her own experiences – both good and bad.

10 minutes into the webinar, I left the ironing board, sat down next to Val and said, “Please sign up for her program right NOW.” We did.

Not only did her program, Get Known Get Clients (GKGC) inspired and empowered us to step out of our #spiritualclosets and step up as spiritual teachers and mentors, Selena modeled for us who we wanna be “when we grow up” (in the online business world, that is).

Here’s why:

  • Before the course even began, she set up an Orientation Call for all her students – so that we know what to expect from the course and how to fully utilize the materials and her support to fulfill our goals. She shared with us her own success mindset so that we know how to best support ourselves through the course.
  • She sent us a success agreement to sign so that we can promise ourselves that we’d do all that it takes, stretch our comfort zones so that we reach our own goals. (And you know we’re all about agreements and promises we make!)
  • Everything we’ve come in touch with about her is authentic – she doesn’t pretend that she knows everything. She shares her real-life experience with you. And at the same time, she holds us up to an extremely high standard – expecting nothing less than what you said you’d do for you to succeed.
  • Her PDF worksheets were immaculate, clear, and actually useful. In fact, every time we run into an issue, our first instincts are to refer to her worksheets for examples, solutions, and inspiration.
  • When we met her ‘live’ in person, she called us by our names (and got them right!)
  • We watched in awe and wonderment when she introduced about her new course on-stage, and 50% of the audience stood up, signed up and paid on the spot! We want to be able to do that!
Us at GKGC Live with Selena

Us at GKGC Live with Selena

THE 3 most important things we got out of Get Known Get Clients (GKGC):

  1. A signature service offering package that delivers results to the people we feel most called to serve (Ahhh, the spaciousness of clarity!)

Before we signed up for GKGC, we were running three businesses and were confused over our offerings. We didn’t even know what to call ourselves – artists, storytellers, filmmakers, teachers, speakers, you name it (multi-passionate multi-preneurs, anyone?)

GKGC took us out of confusion into action. After following through all the homework, we became crystal clear of what we do and who we serve.

More importantly, it gave us permission to be who we are.

Conducting market research took us out of the guessing game and gave us real data about what our ideal clients want and their aspirations. This information helped us define and fine-tune our signature service offering. We invited 20 people to participate in a free breakthrough session in exchange for testimonials. 90% of them took up the offer and gave us raving testimonials. This gave us the confidence to launch full scale – and we got our first paying client at $3,500.

  1. Increased visibility – we’ve up-leveled our expertise and are making the impact we’ve always envisioned ourselves making

After getting clarity on who we are, what we do, who we serve, the problems we solve and the results we deliver, we ease into becoming known. Over 2 months, we were interviewed on 3 podcasts and 1 telesummit. We gave our signature talk at a conference and video-recorded it to offer as an opt-in. The wins were 3-fold.

  • We established strong mutually-serving trustworthy referral relationships with other like-minded coaches
  • We shared these achievements on our social media and in our newsletters to build credibility and become their go-to person
  • Increase in visibility without compromising on who we are and what we stand for

In fact, we attended a networking event and experienced three powerful moments…

  • Someone we didn’t know came up to us and said: “I’ve heard that the work you do is freakishly effective!”
  • Another woman asked us how do we build the kind of trust that we have from our clients in a group setting (which was a huge endorsement for us in that group)
  • And when we started sharing, someone else exclaimed: “So you are THE Tay and Val! I wanna talk to you after this!”

People have since come up to us, both publicly and privately, to share with us how seeing us live our work and walk our talk has given them permission to be themselves. And they’ve been looking, and waiting, for us to #showup.

In one of those moments, we realized, we’re living the famous Marianne Williamson moment of “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

We’re extremely grateful that not only were we becoming known in the circle we get to call our #soultribe, we were also becoming the trusted people to go to (all within 5 months).

  1. What about the money? Ask a better question, honey.

After working with Selena, we’ve cultivated the skills of asking ourselves better questions (it’s always easier to ask clients better questions, isn’t it? ;))

Instead of: “Why are we not getting more paying clients?” – we’ve shifted our perspective to ask: “What are our potential clients’ silent objections?”

And many thanks to Selena, ever since we began listening  to and addressing our clients’ silent objections, we’ve signed 3 VIP clients at premium prices. All within the same month we got that aha-moment!

Up-to-date, we’ve made five-figures in sales, doing 1-on-1 spiritual consulting and mentorship. (We considered it a big deal for a new business that is less than a year old).

Money is simply energy, but it has given us the ability to hire a website designer and a copywriter that we adore – people who hold us up to our vision and remind us of who we can be.

It has freed up more time and energy for us to do the things that we truly love – mentoring.

GKGC has become a reliable system for us to grow our business with confidence.

We’ve freed ourselves of the “figuring out what to do next” cycle. Now, we get to concentrate on fine-tuning each of the pieces of the GKGC system that Selena has taught us and build on it to the level.

One of the questions we now ask ourselves when there is no clarity is: “What would Selena do?”

When we joined GKGC, we went in with the belief that “if someone can show us the way, why spend energy and time trying to figure it out ourselves?”

That said, we’re also firm believers of “take what works for us, implement and test it, and then embody it in a way that’s #sotaynval.”

We hope you do the same – take the route of most inspiration and least resistance.

And join these other soulful and ambitious entrepreneurs in getting known, getting clients, and the way we see it – getting to be themselves:


JOANA – the graphic designer who went from unknown to working with some of the biggest names in the industry.


DR. SIVA – The dating & relationship coach who tripled his rates—and now has a waiting list.


GRACE – The six-figure mental health counselor who now receives invites to teach her flagship course at other experts’ retreats.


TINA – The wedding photographer who went from struggling with sales to earning six figures in just 6 months.

When Selena opened up her application for affiliates partnership, we knew it’s an immediate YES.

Because we’ve been through it and benefited from it, AND we want to tell our tribe about this exceptional business resource we know about we’ve hugely benefited from.

Yes, this means that when you sign up for Get Known Get Clients through our affiliate links, we’ll receive a commission from Selena.

And YOU know us.

We like to give back to the people who gift us opportunities to serve. Which is why we’ll be offering two private 45-min sessions with us when you sign up through us:

  • First session, as you begin GKGC – we’ll connect you with the Soul of Your Business, the best possible ally to have on your team, so you’ll have a solid partner to work with you throughout the program
  • Second session, sometime during her program – we’ll follow-up with you to see how else we may support you (you and us know that any business development work brings up and amplifies the inner work we need to do – and we’ll be there with you, for you – with #spoton insights and timing you can count on)

There will also be a final, group completion-cum-graduation ceremony for the group of soulpreneurs who sign up through us. We’ll be tuning into the group energies to craft the ceremony. You can rest assured it’ll be customized to complement your work inside GKGC!

This will be an extremely powerful Soul + Strategy partnership between you and the soul of your business; Selena and us; Soul + Strategy style.

As Selena gives you the step-by-step, we’ll help you with the mindset and energy attunement and alignment – the inner work that supports your outer shifts and transformations.

Ready to sign up? Boldly click here and join now.

Still have questions? Book a FREE 15 min call with us to ask us anything about the course and/or our bonus! Click here to book.


Here’s to getting known, getting clients, and getting to be you,
Tay and Val

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