The Polaris of our lives

Have you paid good $$$$ for the event tix, travel, accommodation, an amazing outfit and killer heels – but being an introvert (or any other reason), you end up standing in a corner, trying to camouflage into the walls… whilst envying all these other people because it seemed so easy for them – to say hi, introduce themselves, leave a glowing impression?

Have you finally mustered all the courage, walked across the room to introduce yourself to someone, only to have them run away from you?

We have.

We’ve had people running away from us, leaving us standing there, in the middle of a room full of people, flushing with embarrassment. It was super uncomfortable.

We’ve come face to face with a influencer and could only manage to shake his hand feebly, smile very awkwardly and then run away. Because we didn’t know what else to do or say.

It’s situations like these where the Self-Doubt.FM radio station gets dialed up big time. The tutting becomes unbearable in between our ears…

(…you’re not good enough, not important enough, not __________ enough!)

And then we just wanna hide.

Along the same stream of consciousness, do you notice the same circumstances happening when you sit down to write the ABOUT page of your website? (or any other page, really.)

It seems so ridiculous to have to face all of your inner demons in order to introduce yourself, isn’t it? And yet, it’s so real.

What about that workshop you want to put up? You sit down to write copy that help promote the workshop to your email list, your Facebook contacts, and this dreadful state of confusion shows up from nowhere and fog your brain.

In order to clear up this fog, you end up spending the next two hours cleaning out the fridge.

Or starting a new batch of laundry – time to wash those sheets! What about the cushion covers for the couch???

Or organize and re-organize your work station until it’s perfectly primed for writing… only – wait! The folders on our desktop need organizing, too!

We’ve been there. Especially the laundry.

But we’ve found ways around it –  wake up at 4AM to write, lock ourselves in the bathroom to write, or park our laptops at a cafe blasting loud music and write.

We’re lucky, really.

We have each other to juuush up the writing vibe. More importantly, we press the send button for each other when a more vulnerable story needs to be shared (and the other one is scared shizzleless).

And when left standing alone in the middle of the room flushing red, we were at least standing alone together.

 It’s good to not be alone in times like these.

And it was especially evident over the last two weeks. Challenging would be a mild word to use to describe it.

Technology simply refused to work with us to deliver our online course smoothly. What would have taken 2 hours to accomplish on any other day, took 14 hours.

For people who just want everything to be perfect and efficient, it was excruciatingly painful.

We burnt out at the end of the two weeks.

But we knew a greater truth:

When external circumstances deviate from our desired realities, there’s a part of our inner landscape that’s not aligned to where we want to be.

[bctt tweet=”What we think and feel, we attract. What we imagine, we create.” username=”taynval”]

If there’s anything we’ve learned on our entrepreneurial #pathoffire, it’s that we don’t let each other work alone. #bettertogether

And when between us two we still don’t have it covered (which we’ve realized is not only possible, but inevitable!), we look to other role models for help, guidance and encouragement.

We look to the Polaris in our lives. 

“89 degrees, 15 minutes and 50.8 seconds. That’s the current position of Polaris, the northern star. Viewed from another planet, it’s just one among many. But on earth, it’s uniquely important. Fixed in place, an anchor, no matter where you are in the northern hemisphere…

Beacon of light

…and the choices we make and the events that overwhelm us, even in our own minds, what can be our anchor then? What beacon can we turn to, to guide us from darkness into light? What if it’s other people; the lives that touch our own, in ways big and small? Because unlike Polaris, the light they bring will never fade.

Which is why we’re sharing the 3 Polaris we look to help us navigate the choppy waters on this entrepreneurial journey:

Our publicity and business coach, Selena Soo has just released “The Ultimate Guide To Meeting People At Events”. Not the kind where she tells you to fake it till you make it, or just bring a stack of name cards and give them out. But because Selena herself, is a big introvert, her guide is written from experience, with extremely practical and pro-tips to help you truly connect and build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs, speakers and influencers at events. She even included done-for-you follow up email scripts in her guide!

For a Limited Time Only. [Download The Ultimate Guide to Meeting People At Events by Selena Soo]

Our favorite wordsmith Stella Orange is offering a free 10 day Shut Up And Writeathon. Over the course of 10 days, you’ll get short emails from Stella, with quirky, quick writing prompts and tips to shut up your inner critic, fire up your marketing mojo, and write your authentic self onto paper. Stella Orange has been one of our greatest catalyst in helping us find our voice in our writing. For at least 6 months when we decided that we’d start writing newsletters, I (Tay) would dutifully tap into Stella’s weekly Tuesday letter for inspiration or just to get into the energy of it. She’s effective. She’s goofy. All you’d need is a pen, a notebook, and 10 minutes a day!

Starting Oct 3. [Join Stella Orange’s Shut Up and Writeathon]

And then, we (yesss, Tay & Val) have a free Soulpreneurs Circle next Friday (and every First Friday of each month). Come into Circle with us – release ‘what did not work/flow’ in this month, recognize the lessons and gifts in those experiences, and then align you with your desired energies of momentum, ease and flow for your desired outcomes for the coming month. You can anticipate better clarity on next steps, greater ease in implementing tasks and lesser chance of self-sabotage from this powerful exercise. Start your month of October with alignment and good vibes!

Happening Oct 7. [Reserve your complimentary spot in this month’s Soulpreneurs Circle]

We hope that these 3 free resources will give you the same quality guidance, encouragement, and inspiration to keep going on your path.

Because sometimes that’s all we need, a beacon of possibility.


Here’s to your light!
Tay & Val




We’re truly blessed, not only because we have each other, but because we have you in Circle with us, too. If you’ve found the resources to be helpful, forward this post along to someone who could do with a boost… pass the light along!

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