UNSTUCK your business, UNLIMIT your life

An enlightening and deep-dive journey
for creative, spirited, visionary Soulpreneurs ready
to rise from business stagnation
and ride with guided, unstoppable momentum
from where you are, to where you want to be
with wisdom, wholeness, and ease.

You know where you to want to be.

We can help you get there.


Does this sound like you?

You’re a soulpreneur – you own a business that is aligned with your soul’s purpose.

You’re a self-driven, highly-motivated woman who know what you want. You’re filled with gratitude that you are fulfilling your life’s calling. Sometimes, it even feels like a privilege to be doing the work you do.

Business is taking off, until all of a sudden –

You feel stuck, blocked…
as if there is an invisible wall in front of you
resisting your every effort to move forward.

But as a highly intelligent and capable woman, you believe that everything is figureoutable.

You just gotta breakthrough this wall.

After all, the sweet success that comes from running a heart-centered business that positively impacts the world is, quite literally — right there.

You know the steps to get there.
You know exactly what you need to do.
You’re a hustler and you’ve got the grit and gumption to see it through.

So you begin to spend more hours on your laptop and to get more work done. You add more things to your to-do list. You sign up for the next webinar. You go to more networking events. You boost your social media presence. You revamp your website. You hire a VA. You join Facebook groups, forums, and masterminds.

You’re astute and aware enough to know that there’s more.

So you work on yourself and practice self-care. You wake up to positive self-affirmations. You declutter your workspace. You meditate everyday, on the dot, for an hour – no less. You visualize the prosperity and success you know you deserve. You journal your heart out. You do body work. You do yoga. You practice mindfulness. You breathe. You attend retreats, satsangs, and healing circles.

You do everything you possibly can — only to feel more
disempowered, discouraged, and disconnected
with each attempt.

You’ve worked harder than ever, yet you just can’t seem to move past this wall.

Each time you made progress in an area, some other area back-tracks. Sales become erratic; relationships with clients, partners, and team members become trying; and the strangest, most far-fetched problems seem to materialize out of nowhere!

What used to fuel, nourish, and fulfill your business, your life, your soul – now completely drains you, and brings you an impending sense of dread.

Just thinking about next steps in your business makes you wanna throw up.

And as you surrender to inertia, procrastination, avoidance — anything that gets you out of this rut — self-doubt, guilt, and shame creeps in…and you wonder:

  • Maybe I’m just not cut out for this. Did I make the right choice and do the right thing in the first place?
  • All those investment of time, energy and money! What will my family, friends and colleagues make of this?
  • Maybe this is it. It’s me, maxed out. But is it really???

You know where you to want to be.

We can help you get there.


2.5 years after we gave life to our soul-nourishing business of helping thousands of people around the world discover their life purpose, we smacked right into this invisible wall.

The wall first came as a series of rejections in our email inbox. We got a “NO” from every single school and organization we wanted to speak at.

It was unusual because we’d spoken at no less than 400 events in 4 different languages around the world.

We’ve been there.

Oooh have we.

“This is nothing!” We told ourselves.
After all, we were known for making things happen.

We worked harder. We googled for organizations which were more aligned to our cause. We arranged face-to-face meetings. We showed up to check out event spaces. We cold-called event organizers.

We reached out. We private messaged friends and friends of friends we’ve met on our round-the-world trip to connect us with people they knew. We reached out to fellow dreamers, fellow speakers, fellow travellers, fellow heart-centered beings.

We did everything we could to hack this invisible wall down.

A cafe resonated with our cause and offered to host a speaking event with us. 15 people showed up that day. They shared their deepest desires and dreams with us.

Relieved that we’ve broken our drought of speaking events, we were deeply grateful.

Bearing witness to the sacred stories of people’s hopes and dreams is not a privilege we take for granted.

Yet, we went home that evening, feeling totally disconnected – with ourselves.

We’d labored through the stories we were sharing, as if they were not our own experiences.

This had never happened to us before. We felt as if the invisible wall had grown thicker and was now pushing against us.

Hacking through the wall didn’t work.
We were determined to dissolve it
with stronger intentions and higher vibrations.

We did our meditation, yoga, and morning ritual diligently. Even though we only had 4 bicycle panniers of belongings at that time. We went through every single item and decluttered our space. We set powerful intentions; breathed, thought, act positively; and trusted deeply.

A popular yoga studio in LA offered to host our event. We were so grateful for the partnership! So we went all out and marketed it like it was our last speaking event ever.

On the day of the event, we meditated and said our OMs. We arrived at the studio with our hearts wide open.

No one came. Not a single soul. Nada. Ziltch.

And it just went downhill from there.
Our trusty laptop RIP-ed on us.
Our filming equipment broke down.
Our inbox remained void of good news.

We began doubting ourselves.
We began picking fights with each other – over what lunch to eat (yep).
We began wondering…

  • We used to be master manifestors. Did we run out of good luck?
  • Intuition and unwavering faith were our superpowers. We’ve used them to create super good. Why did the tools that used to serve us no longer work?
  • Maybe this is it. It’s all we were ever mean to accomplish. And we should accept it in gratitude and be at peace. Seriously???

As this invisible wall closed in on us, we contemplated quitting.

But a tiny voice inside us wouldn’t give up.
“If only we could figure out what this wall is…”

“Everything you create, including your business – has an energetic entity of its own.”

He told us.

It was at this point when we apprenticed with a Native American Shaman we’d met earlier on our journey.

In the following 18 months we trained with him, we did not learn a single ritual, incantation, or medicine formula. Instead, we sat with him in classes, held space for the students, and observed as everyone else identified their blocks, healed and moved past them.

We poured our energies into serving, and tried our best to put our life’s work behind us.

One evening after class, our teacher sat us down and said, “Let’s look at your business.”

Long story short. The wall that we’ve fought, resented, and eventually surrendered to fell away that very night.

We identified the precise incident that created that wall, the agreement that’d kept us entrapped, and the lesson we’d signed up to learn.

Using the process our teacher showed us, we were able to release the negative energy imprints that’d kept us stuck and limited our creative abilities until then.

We still remembered what it’d felt like:

“Understanding how my past created my present, I was empowered to go create the very future I long for. I didn’t just rewrite the broken-record story running in my head. I broke through limits I didn’t even know existed and rewrote my destiny.” — VAL
“It was as if I was pushing against an invisible wall for the longest time… And then suddenly, the wall gave way and I fell through the space. I opened into a world of endless possibilities, into freedom, into lightness.” — TAY

A week later, we received an email in our inbox: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been invited to speak at TEDxEastsidePrep. Shortly after, we received another email: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been invited to speak at TEDxWWU.

Within the year that followed, we successfully produced a series of multimedia storytelling events for immigrant, refugee and people of color communities in different cities.

We rekindled hope, inspired possibilities, and realigned our work with our souls’ calling.

We upped our game in our work.
We reached into communities we cared deeply about.
And our income increased ten-fold within that year.

Not only have we learned to unstuck our own business to welcome more success and prosperity into our lives, we were able to increase the impact we make in the lives of others.

Now, we’re here to help you do the same.

You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.


“Every time I work with Tay and Val, I break through new limits of my self, my story, and my business; many of which are often unseen. In our first session alone I identified and let go of a story that’s impaired my passions, my profits, and my relationships with my business partners. Their inner wisdom and visions always cut through when I least expect it. And combined with their expertise, they’ve got superpowers I’d love to share with everyone! I highly recommend them for any spiritual entrepreneurs who are looking for a deeper coaching experience that will expand your businesses and soul for the long-term.”


“After working with Tay and Val, I experienced renewed energy to create myself as a dynamic and sustainable professional. In just our first hour together, I walked away with concrete ideas of how to support my practice, new concepts to orient me to the soul of my business, and some basic tools for releasing old patterns that were not serving me. What I enjoyed most from my work with Tay and Val was the intuitive, loving wisdom they brought to our session. I felt seen, held and inspired!”


Our commitment to you: To place all our expertise, insight, and wisdom in highest service to your Spirit. To create and hold safe, nourishing, and sacred space for you to awaken your consciousness; expand your possibilities; and evolve yourself and your business with honor, heart, and soul.

Using spiritual principles, energy alchemy, and our signature Creating from Spirit™ blueprint, we’ll get your business unstuck.

Together, we’ll strategize powerful and practical steps to pave your path for a prosperous business, creating the successful and fulfilled life you envisioned.

You don’t have to do this alone.

We’re here for you.

We’ll meet you Spirit-to-Spirit; and work with you hand-in-hand to:

  • Achieve absolute clarity on where, why, how, and what your business is stuck in
  • Identify the root cause(s) of your Business Soul limitations
  • Clear each of these limitations at a deeply spiritual level
  • Translate each clearing into the physical business reality with ease and grace
  • So that your desired outcomes of success, prosperity, and fulfillment effortlessly flow into place

“Holy awesomeness. I had the most amazing session with two angels today… I don’t know better words for them. Tay and Val are intuitive life path healers. HEALTHY ones, which is also rare. They read my coaching intake form, tuned in and got guidance on something blocking me. Once they said it, made TOTAL sense. But I had had NO idea it was going on. Then in 35 minutes, we healed and cleared it. All whilst offering plain language explanations as to what was up, so my sweet little brain could be at ease while the big guns were at work. I am wordless to express how happy I am to have met you, Tay and Val. The kind of healing you bring is a gift to us all!”


“I so appreciated Tay and Val’s warmth and insight during my session with them. They brought to light issues I had not realized were happening and cleared the energetic blocks around one of my past ventures. Based on that, it became crystal clear that it was time to do a full-scale rebranding of my business to more accurately reflect who I am and what I do for my clients. That process is currently underway and I’m super excited to see how it unfolds. Tay and Val’s insights are absolutely invaluable. If you’re ready to move forward in a powerful and meaningful way, start working with them TODAY!”


How may we help?


1 Hour


You’ve hit a upper limit or internal glass ceiling and even though you’ve done everything you know how to, you:

(you just know it’s deeper than
random tech/health/team issues – it’s a SOUL issue)

(and not keep circling back)


(We see you)


1 Year


You’re creating a living legacy with your work, you stand for a bigger why, you’ve got it going pretty good and you:




(We’ll show you the ropes)

The right choice is the choice that is right for you. Choose with discernment.
It’s our deepest prayer and intention that our services will help you and your business nourish, grow, and evolve.
If you have questions, please peruse the FAQ section below.  And if you can’t find your answer, please reach out to support@taynval.com with your questions so that we may assist you.

Some outcomes you can look forward to:

  • Unlock your intuition and psychic abilities to conduct business as Spirit
  • Connect and commune with the Soul of your Business to access advice, insight, and foresight
  • Make strategic business decisions with spiritual insights and guided wisdom
  • Identify and clear any roadblocks ahead whenever you embark on a project
  • Download, understand, and navigate the blueprint for the perfect divine unfolding of your business’ growth and evolution

“Tay and Val are brilliant! They got right to the core patterns that have been holding me back in business and in life – it was like I’d known them forever. Now that I know what dynamics have been playing out, I feel ready to move forward in my business, free from the baggage of unhelpful beliefs or habits. Since working together, I’ve felt more confident and calm, plus received over $1000 in unexpected income! If you’re looking to deeply heal yourself and set your business free, Tay and Val are for you.”


“My greatest take-away from working with Tay and Val was finally realizing the ‘feeling’ of success in my business. What’s unique about working with them is their creative and energetic approach to uncovering our inner beliefs. If you’re struggling with finding clarity in your life or business, Tay and Val will help you cut through the fog and light up your path to success!”


Become a

with a

“Big-hearted. Soul-expanding. Cartographers of Possibility. That’s three adjectives that come to mind when it comes to Tay & Val. I believe that our businesses and careers are mirrors of our internal landscape. When we seek growth, we sometimes feel stuck in what Joseph Campbell calls “Act II”. That was how I felt in seeking to expand myself and my business. Tay & Val listened, intuited, and provided me with a safe supportive space that allowed me to face what I’d been blindsided to, and then to start the process of overcoming them. Our session gave me the courage to pitch Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post for the first time. And very quickly, I received positive replies. That was just the beginning. I’m staying tuned for more and am infinitely grateful. Big thank you, lovely ladies.”


“I was able to break through barriers that I’ve had for years; I feel like a whole new person. Working with Tay and Val has been powerful and transformational – I’m so excited to live from this new place!”


You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.

Our private mentorship is for you if
  • You believe that there’s an extraordinary life you were always meant to live – you’re so ready to awaken to this extraordinary life, and master how to consciously create it
  • You know that there’s more to life in our Universe than the norm perceived reality – you’re immensely curious about it, and would like to explore its possibilities
  • You take ownership of your experiences – you acknowledge that within each experience, there’s a lesson from which you can rise, grow, and evolve; and you WANT to access it
  • Your beging-ness opens when you hear the terms “Spirit”, “Energy alchemy/work/healing”, “Energetic imprints on the Soul”, “Karma”, “Spiritual Agreements”, “Lifetimes”
  • You’re committed to showing up authentically, opening up vulnerably, and working through your challenges courageously

You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.

We’re probably not a good fit for each other if
  • You believe that life happens to you, and you’ve no say or participation in your experiences – your default reaction to challenges and frustrations is to determine who’s at fault and have them fix it
  • You’re looking for a quick-fix solution that does not require commitment and follow-through on your part
  • You tune out on topics like Spirit, Soul, energetic imprint, karma, spiritual agreements, past/present/future lives
  • You’re not able, willing, or ready – physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially to consciously create the life you envision and desire
  • You believe you’ve already learnt all there is to know and you want reality to stay just so – you’re not able, willing or ready to step out of your comfort zone and play full out during our sessions together

“I was surprised at how quickly Tay and Val are able to tune into core challenges right away. They serve through deep listening and compassionate questioning to breakthrough limiting beliefs and clear space for growth. If you are ready for big shifts in your business and your life, Tay and Val are the right partners to have on your team!”


“I used to carry an unexplained fear and revulsion toward crows. Tay and Val helped me understand where this fear came from and I had a deeply spiritual understanding and healing. Their work with me has completely changed how I feel about the birds. Now, the sight of crows reminds me of an empowering lesson, and I apply the same tools I’ve learnt to empower other parts of my life and business!”


You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.



Glad you asked! You’ll be working with both Tay and Val in every session. We each bring different yet complementary expertise, experience, and skill sets to illuminate the full picture and provide a whole solution. Because we work with energy alchemy processes; often one of us will work with you conversationally whilst the other will do energy work simultaneously.
We (Tay and Val) are business partners too! Our vision for our business is the same, but we bring very different expertise, experience, and skill sets to help the business flourish. Because of that, it will be best to participate in the program individually at the beginning to understand how you as an individual can grow yourself and the business. Depending on the progress of our work together, it might be beneficial to have the both of you attend the final session together.
When a situation like that happens, it’s often convenient, even logical(!) to conclude that “since all the courses are not working, there must be something wrong with me”. 

Trust us on this – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. It’s a matter of determining what is misaligned between you and your business. When “all other info products have failed”, you might consider getting private mentoring that is tailored to you and your situation.

In this “Unstuck Your Business, Unlimit Your Life” spiritual mentorship program, we’ll meet you at where you are; work with you using our signature blueprint; and develop a customized roadmap to get you to where you want to be.

You heard that right! Your business has a soul of its own. It’s like giving birth to a child – the child may have come from you, but he/she definitely has a soul, a mind, a life of his/her own. And just like a child, your business navigates this world and have empowering and disempowering experiences. The negative ones sometimes leave an energetic imprint on the business’s soul. Overtime, the accumulation of these energies prevents the business from operating at an optimum level. During our work with you, you’ll be guided to access the Soul of your Business; determine which experiences and/or contractual agreements are limiting its growth; and then heal, learn and evolve together with your business.
You, your business, and everything around us is pure energy. Some have tangible, physical forms; some don’t. Energy alchemy processes work with the latter form of energies – the ones we cannot see, yet undeniably perceive. These processes enable us to get to the root of the problem and resolve that – kinda like traditional Chinese medicine treating the disease versus the symptoms.

In this medicine, all ailments stem from stuck energies, preventing flow. When an issue becomes a recurrent pattern that runs your life and takes you out of your zone of flow – it’s usually an energetic imprint that needs to be resolved energetically. Energy alchemy processes help us with your business “chronic ailments” – by identifying the source of stuck energies; getting that unstuck, and into flow.

Once we identify the root cause of this recurrent pattern, energy alchemy processes enable us to we nip it in the bud, allowing healing to occur effortlessly, and the natural course of your business to simply unfold. Similar to the domino effect of healing, this energetic shift will translate into the physical business reality – strategies come intuitively, implementation happens easily – you and your business rise and evolve to the next level.

Yes! So are you. We all have psychic abilities. Most of us don’t remember how to use or access our Spirit. Some of us got shut down for being intuitive as a child.

Between both of us (Tay and Val), we see, hear, and feel your truth about the past, present, and future. These are innate abilities that we’ve opened into during our studies with Spiritual Masters around the world; and then trained and honed in our careers as intuitive filmmakers and meditative storytellers.

During our work with you, we tap into our abilities and tune into your reality. More importantly, we help you expand your own awareness and access your abilities to understand, learn, and evolve. Read more about us here.

For as many lifetimes as we’re aware of. If you’ve gotten this far and are reading this, chances are – we’ve crossed paths at some point in our existence. Hello! It’s good to see you again :) How may we serve this time round?
We see you, Spirit-to-Spirit. Your very existence is Spirituality! So no, there’s no need for you to be anointed “Spiritual” to do this work. And yes, it takes willingness, openness, and a profound curiosity to play full out. It’s our job as your spiritual mentors to guide you, so don’t sweat the terms if you don’t fully understand them. If they resonate, and something feels oh-so-right about this – you’re ready.

You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.


“Mentorship by Tay and Val has inspired me to get out there to do what I need to do, to declutter my limits, and to guide others to realize their dreams.”


“Working with Tay and Val was such an eye opening experience! I am blown away that I didn’t know this about myself before, it has taught me to be kinder to myself and to this entity that is working along side me to bring my unique creativity into the world. Both Tay and Val work gently with you and create a very safe place to explore and meet your business entity. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to break out of a cycle of self sabotage, and blocking my creativity. Thank you so much Tay and Val for your generosity, kindness and wisdom. What an amazing selfless gift you have given me.”


Still unsure?

Sign up for a risk-free, no-obligations, 30-Min Complimentary Consultation with us if you find yourself often thinking or saying:

  • I know I need to be _____________ BUT I can’t seem to get myself started on doing them.
  • I’ve gotten started many times BUT I can’t seem to follow-through to the point of success.
  • I’ve outgrown my current clientele and want to spend time building relationships with new clients who are at my ambition level and above BUT I just keep attracting the same ones.
  • I know it’s time to ask for help in my business BUT I really struggle with asking and/or delegating.
  • This journey can get lonely, and sometimes, I worry that as I go on and do the things I want, I’d leave people behind…. and end up alone.
  • How do I own this? Like truly own my work, without feeling like a fraud? I’ve been working on self-worth, self-care, self-love… and I keep circling back to this!

You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.


About Tay and Val

TAYHaving interviewed thousands of people and bore witness to each story unfold, I’m a Spiritual Cradle. I create the ultimate safe space for you to dive into the deepest corners of your soul, so that you feel supported enough to rise and honor the sacredness of your existence; and consequently, connect to your source, your bliss, your truth. I practice non-judgement, compassionate listening, and accept you wholly – just as you are. But I expect you to show up fully, and will be the first person to call you out otherwise. Because I believe in you, your dreams, and the purpose in your very existence, I’m known to be the most gentle and faithful mentor to guide you on your path.

VALBorn as a descendent from two family lines of spiritual mediums and healers and raised by my Grandmother as a light worker, I’m a Spiritual Beacon. I shine light on your past, so that you understand why you are where you are in the present, and therefore have clarity on how to chart your future. In my presence, you cannot help but face yourself and your truth. I use my gifts of clairaudience, razor-sharp intuition, and Grandmothers’ wisdom to help you really get to “know” you. I’ll meet you at where you are, but I’ll never let you lose sight of where you wanna, and can be. I’m the last person to lose faith in your ability to create. Because of that, I’m known to be the toughest and kindest person you can count on to hold you accountable to your path.

“It’s safe. You’re loved. We’ve got your back.”Tay and Val

“Tay and Val are extremely intuitive, they pick up on things in a very powerful way that feels deeper than where most coaching usually goes. I’m blown away by their presence in helping release negative energies and limiting stories that keep us stuck and stagnant. If you are ready to dive deep to unlock the barriers that have been holding you back, I highly recommend that you work with Tay and Val. Their insight and intuition will help you see the things you can’t always see in yourself.”


“Being someone who tends to keep to herself, I often get lost in my own thoughts and struggles and when issues come up, I would avoid them. Tay and Val made it very safe for me to feel all of my emotions, and face my truth. Working with Tay and Val has helped me become incredibly self-aware, and their tools have given me to confidence to face the very issues I used to run away from.”


You know where you want to be.

We can help you get there.